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X-Men: Bent Bullet

Agency: Ignition Interactive

Marvel’s: Digital Entertainment Division contacted
Fox Entertainment’s: Ignition’s Creative, Digital Agency of the Year
The Bent Bullet: Digital Campaign

We broadened the creative content to span over 25 years of footage, From JFK’s assassination, to the Chernobyl Disaster and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Digital Media covered large forms of broadcast, from Nerdwriter to : 

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Creative Direction: Chris Eyerman
Sr. Art Direction: Nick Boes
Art Direction: Shakir Dzheyranov
Copywriting & Strategy: Spencer Donald, J.C. Hutchins
Design: Nick Boes, Shakir Dzheyranov
Image Compositing: Nick Boes, Shakir Dzheyranov, Wilson Saloj
Motion Design: Nick Boes, Wilson Saloj, Sanketh Yayathi, Brad Peters, Ignition Creation - Mograph
Technical Developer: Aaron Buchanan
Development: Chi-Chi Wang, Greg Parks, Ben Priddy, Kendrick Caranicas, Stacey Moore
3D Modeling & Animation: Patrick Surace
Sound Design: Bob Partridge