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Pacific Rim: Uprising

Agency: Addison Interactive

Official Movie Site

Jaeger Academy Website

We launched a site where fans can become part of the film. They were allowed to enlist and become part of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. They took quizes, matched with other recruits, built their own Jaegers and put them into action in a fight simulator against the Kaiju.


Create Your Custom Jaeger

The first phase of the marketing release was to introduce the new Jaegers to the fans of the movie franchise. We released Gipsy Avenger, Saber Athena, Titan Redeemer, and Guardiant Bravo as the first unlockable Jaegers.

We created a website where recruits assembled their own unique Jaegers based off existing Jaeger technology. They had the opportunity to add their weapons of choice and and paint them to their color of their choosing.

Presicion and Judgement Game

Drift Compatibility Game

Daily Trivia Quiz

Unlockable Sharable Content


Tumblr Website

Social Marketing Campaign



Creative Director: Anthony Malzone, Scott Clay
Strategy: Philippa Drewer, Nelly Tadevosyan
Executive Producer: Aaron Vill
Producer: Nelly Tadevosyan
Art Director: Wilson Saloj, Hannah Grotbo
Motion Director: Michael Matzur
Motion Designer: Wilson Saloj, Rodrigo Huerta
Audio Designer: Jesse Thaul
Development: Robert Nall, Yen Chen, Just Name