Art Direction, Creative Direction, Video Editing and Motion Design, Interaction and User Experience, Photography, Concepting. Brand Development in Marketing and Advertisement.

Software, Hardware:
Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Lightroom, Maschine 2, Mac Pro, PC.


3AM: February 2019 - Current
Addison Interactive: February 2017 - July 2018 (Freelance)
HYFN: January 2015 / May 2016 (Freelance)
Watson DG: June - August 2015 (Freelance)
3AM: May 2015 (Freelance)
Firstborn: September 2014 - February 2015 (Freelance)
Ignition Creative: 2011-2014
TFG Studio: 2007-2011 (personal studio/business)
The Visionaire Group: 2007-2009
Zugara: 2005-2007




Wilson Saloj is recognized as one of the most talented and hard working multidisciplinary artists in the industry. With his degree in Interactive Media Design from the Art Institute of California, Los Angeles, Wilson has carefully and expertly perfected his craftsmanship on every medium in the marketing spectrum. Having worked directly with brands such as HBO, Lionsgate Films, Universal Studios, AMC, Netflix, Playstation, and Reebok among others, his main goal is and has always been to create meaningful content. Wilson is a living of example of the phrase “from the heart.” With over a decade of experience, his vast knowledge makes him a top choice for a multitude of projects. His skill set spans all area’s of media including strategic concepting, creative direction, interaction & user experience, photography, videography, and video editing.

Being able to work in a team is something that has been one of Wilson’s biggest strengths. Knowing how to bring out the best in his teammates is an essential skill that comes naturally to him, which in turn helps the ultimate goal, his clients and their projects.

From the start of his career at Zugara through his most recent work with Ignition Creative, he’s always set his mind to be of great value to both his clients as well as his team around him. At Ignition Creative he was known to be a catalyst for the growth in skills of his peers by being efficient and available to help others with their tasks. Working under pressure is when he really thrives and is able to execute precisely and efficiently.

Wilson has been freelancing with top agencies in the nation such as Firstborn, Watson DG, and its3AM. Equally impressive, he’s lead his own team at The Fabbgroup and The GoldenKingdom, where he spearheaded campaigns for musicians, artists, and companies, thus giving him a wide range of insight in what tracks well in different industries. This kind of experience combined with heart and drive are the perfect mix for your project.